Diversity, Equity and Inclusion- The US Perspective

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - The US Perspective

Learning about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion should start as early as possible. This is why The Impact Company was more than thrilled to work with the German International School in Silicon Valley in California in June. 

We spoke to all stakeholders, including staff, parents, middle and high school as well as kindergarten students. Breaking down the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion resonated with the youngsters, and seemed to be straightforward. We worked with concepts such as Happyland (from German activist and author Tupoka Ogette) and showed why it is necessary to take a stand in the fight for social justice.

While in San Francisco, The Impact Company took a deep dive into the long-standing historical struggles of the LGBTQIA+ community, and witnessed the progress made in San Francisco’s iconic Castro District during Pride Month.
We then celebrated Juneteenth in Oakland, California - a national holiday that commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans and centers around Black empowerment, systemic eco-racism and gentrification of the Bay Area. We were thrilled to be hosted by Alex J. Bledsoe, social justice activist, film-maker and artist who resides in Oakland and showed us around.
Luckily, We were also able to soak up some California sun, SF sightseeing and food along the way.

While the US has its very own set of severe problems, there seems to be an openness to address the current state and speak up about structural discrimination and demographic data. Back in Europe, we will continue to build these intercultural bridges and bring this mindset to our work on DEI.

The Impact Company in San Francisco

The Impact Company hilft Unternehmen und Organisationen dabei helfen, Diversity, Equity und Inclusion zu steigern und dadurch wettbewerbsfähiger zu werden. Weitere Infos sind hier oder auf Linkedin zu finden.