Welcome to The Impact Company

Welcome to the Era of Diversity - Welcome to The Impact Company 

The Impact Company is a diversity consulting business founded in 2021 in Berlin, Germany. Our mission is to align the  goals, strategies and execution of organisations, businesses and clients with increased economic participation of BIPoC (Black, Indigenious and People of Color), benefitting both people and organisations.

As a company founded and led by German BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) experts in policy, media, marketing, community building, operations, product and brand management, we specialize in leading organizations through cultural change towards Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), anti-racism, cultural relevance and purpose. Our approach centers on credibility, sustainability and empathy, minimizing economic risk for our clients and maximizing innovation, profitability and brand appeal.

We’re experiencing a novel culture shift, a global megatrend: welcome to the Era of Diversity. In the past three decades, we’ve seen the rise of megatrends. In the 1980ies, the Era of Digitalization pushed forward the culture shift of computers and the Internet. At the turn of the century, another megatrend has paved its way forward on an organisatinoal level, initiating the Era of Sustainability. Today, we stand at the beginning of the Era of Diversity. Organisations understand that the future is diverse, and having an impact is impertinent.This is why, at The Impact Company, we believe that change takes place at an organizational level in order to leverage a huge impact for individuals and the economy. When the working world and the economy as a whole become more equitable, inclusive and diverse, it creates a win-win situation. This begs the question: How can organizations grow and improve on this complex journey? Read on to learn more about the services The Impact Company offers.

Work with us
The Impact Company works with businesses that seek to implement a diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. Whether media company, listed business, startup or agency - we cater to your individual diversity needs. Working with clients can be over the course of a day to several  months, depending on an organization’s needs and the program we define together. 

We offer services from the following categories:

  • Leadership Advisory
  • Creative and Partnerships
  • Recruiting and Retention

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